Richard Leigh


Richard Leigh is an illusionist, magical inventor, producer, artist, sculptor, scenic painter and theatrical prop builder. His long and dedicated career has combined his interest in magic, theatre and art

Born in 1965. Real name Richard Day. Family home town of Stowmarket in Suffolk. Interests as a child were always connected to the theatre. It was a book on stage lighting that gave Richard his first insight into stage illusion techniques.

Richard left school at 16 and worked in a timber merchant in his home town. During this 2 year period Richard created two themed magic acts. One with a Circus theme and the other with an enchanting fantasy woodland theme. The majority of these early props and illusions are still in working order and are used in performance to this day.

Richard turned professional in 1985 with an illusion act called ‘Richard Leigh and Sheryl’ and worked extensively in the cabaret fraternity for the next fifteen years. From cruise ships to theme parks, from hotel floor shows to holiday centre cabaret shows, from end of the pier summer shows to pantomime.

In 1990 Richard was the first European Magician to present his full evening magic and illusion show in Egypt, at the Shepheard Hotel in Cairo.


In 2000 Richard had moved to London where he was to produce magic and illusion shows for the West End, Off West End and London Fringe Theatre. One such show, ‘The Illusion show’ had its debut at The Westminster Theatre in Victoria, London in 2001. Sadly, it was to be the very last show at this venue before the theatre closed down. Destroyed by fire.

2002. As one door closes….. ‘The Magic Cavern’ – London’s most intimate and atmospheric theatre of magic, opened it’s doors for the first time in September 2002. It is now London’s long running magic show. The show celebrated its 1000th performance on the 4th May 2014. The show is booking to July 2016.

Small Bordered Magic Cavern

In 2004 Richard started to produce magic and illusion shows at The Jermyn Street Theatre in the West End. These shows run under the title of ‘Late Night Magic’


Late Night Magic is currently in our 12th sensational year in the West End of London.

One of the highlights of shows created for this ‘Late Night’ slot at the Jermyn Street Theatre was a collaboration with Jay Fortune. A very dark magic show indeed. ‘Magick and Mayhem’

Large bordered Magick and Mayhem

Again, as part of the ‘Late Night Magic’ series of productions, Richard in 2005 in collaboration with Anthony Pearson produced one of his strangest shows and by far one of his personal favourites. The Twilight Ballrooms featuring Malcolm Marvelle Master of Mystery and the lovely Rita!. Written and directed by Anthony Pearson, this bizarre magic and illusion show has played several seasons in London since 2005. In 2006, Richard Leigh and Anthony Pearson took the Malcolm Marvelle Master of Mystery and the lovely Rita show up to Edinburgh for the Festival.

Large bordered Twilight



In 2007 Richard produced ‘The Side Show of Wonders’ – a magic and illusion show set in the fairgrounds of yesteryear. All Sideshows exhibits and live performances are created through magic and illusion.

In 2008 in collaboration with Jay Fortune started a concept called ‘Magic Moments’. An opportunity for magicians everywhere to present magic anywhere, raising money for their chosen charity and creating awareness for magic as a theatrical art. Now in our 7th year of this project and as a community has raised £54,646.70. For full details visit our sponsored Magic Moments page on MagicWeek:

In 2009 Richard produced a show to schedule perfectly  into the busy Halloween season.

In 2010 Richard produced a show in miniature called ‘Card Symphony’ – a close up magic show staged around a toy theatre and orchestra. Beautiful card magic set to a classical score. This show had its debut at the Barons Court Theatre. In 2011 the same show was re-produced and re-branded under the new title of ‘The Magic Symphony’ and played the theatre in Davenports on the Strand in London for over a year.

Other productions recently produced are ‘The Recycled Magic Show’. Each show is one hour and fifteen minutes in duration. All shows are hand created and presented by Richard.

When Richard moved to London in 2000 he pursued his other theatrical love which is for stage lighting. He joined the lighting department of ‘The Lion King’ at The Lyceum Theatre, London and spent the next three years there. Each year Richard works on 350 West End performances and presents over 150 live magic shows. Richard has always felt very content and lucky to balance and work in the two areas of theatre that has always been a passion for him since childhood. In 2005 Richard moved from ‘The Lion King’ to join the lighting department of ‘Mamma Mia! at The Prince of Wales Theatre. He spent the next seven years on this show including the move to The Novello Theatre in September 2012.

In February 2013 Richard moved from ‘Mamma Mia! to join the lighting department on ‘The Book of Mormon’ back at The Prince of Wales Theatre. In April 2014 Richard joined the new production of “Miss Saigon” (an all time personal favourite show) at The Prince Edward Theatre where he worked the complete duration of the run. Richard is currently working at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, on ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’

In between all of the above Richard spends his time in his workshop down in Suffolk. A peaceful balance to London life. Richard designs and makes all props and scenic elements for all his magic productions which include highly decoractive hand painted artwork and sculptural designs which have become a trade mark of his unusual, creative and highly original work. As well as every single prop, all posters and web artwork is hand painted by Richard.

Richard Leigh’s Theatre of Magic as a concept for programmers worldwide has the potential to house all of the 10 productions created by Richard as a backbone of the season together with guest shows by fellow magician and speciality.

Other interests for Richard are travelling, theme parks, classical music, zoos and safaris, clubbing and drinking tea!